Payment processing

Payment processing

Pay your domestic beneficiaries via multiple payment channels, including multiple remittance layout and delivery options.

Supported payment channels

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (Australia)
  • Cheque (including Bank and Corporate cheque types) (Australia)

Authorisation modes

Control the processing of your files using one of three authorisation modes:

  • No authorisation (straight through processing).
  • Single authorisation (payment files must be authorised once before being scheduled for processing).
  • Dual authorisation (payment files must be authorised twice before being scheduled for processing).

Authorisation value limits

Configure authorisation value limits to ensure they are not exceeded by individual authorisers:

  • per transaction, and/or
  • per payment file, and/or
  • per day limits.

Payment notification

PaymentsPlus delivers a remittance advice to your payment recipients in either email, fax or paper (mailed).

File formats

Australian payment import CSV

Send Australian domestic payments into PaymentsPlus and reconcile using the Australian domestic CSV response file.

ISO 20022 accounts payable

Accounts payable processes use ISO 20022 pain.001.001.003 and pain.002.001.003 messages according to the CGI (Common Global Implementation).

See PaymentsPlus Response and Status Codes.