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Getting started with your sandbox

Before you start using your PaymentsPlus sandbox, review the following to get started.

  1. Processing payments.
  2. PaymentsPlus user guide.
  3. REST API reference and Tutorials.

Once familiar with the documentation, the simplest way to get started with your sandbox is to take one of the below sample files and:

  1. Update the <PaymentDate> to today's date,
  2. Update the <BuyerCode> to the Buyer Code detailed in your welcome email, and
  3. Update the <YourEmail> with your email address so that you can receive the remittances.

Then upload the file into the sandbox using either method:

  • Sign in and click Upload File in the Payments menu, or
  • POST /files/{fileIdentifier}/upload using the PaymentsPlus REST API

The payment file format is Australian payment import CSV.

Sample domestic file

E,,REF00001,36.04,REF00001,062-000,000002,Payee 02,,,
R,EMAIL,Payee 01,Addressee 01,Level 1,Recipient Building,,Sydney ,NSW,2000,AU,,<YourEmail>,
I,1000000001,1000000001,26082016,01092016,36.04,36.04,Desc 1,0,Ded Desc 1
O,,DebtorInformation 1,50.00,EndToEndId 1,032000000007,BBAN,Payee 1,,,Remittance Information 1, Remittance Information 2
R,NONE,Payee 03,,Level 3,Recipient Street 1,,Sydney,NSW,2000,AU,,,,

Sample international file

OTT,,REF00007,759.63,USD,REF00007,WBC12345XXX,032000000026,,Payee 07,Level 1,Recipient Address,,Sydney,NSW,2000,AU,,,,,,
R,EMAIL,Payee 07,Addressee 07,Level 1,Wallsend Plaza,,Wallsend,NSW,2287,AU,,<YourEmail>,,,
Westpac Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement (for individuals whose personal information may be collected - in this clause referred to as "you"). All personal information we collect about you is collected, used and disclosed by us in accordance with our Privacy Statement which is available at Privacy Statement or by calling us through your relationship manager or Westpac representative. Our Privacy Statement also provides information about how you can access and correct your personal information and make a complaint. You do not have to provide us with any personal information but, if you don't, we may not be able to process an application or a request for a product or service.