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Setting up your company

  1. Nominate your Company Administrator.
  2. Sign-in for the first time.
  3. Set your company preferences.
  4. Set your company contact details.
  5. Confirm your company settlement accounts.
  6. Add additional users to your company.

Nominate your Company Administrator

To manage your company on PaymentsPlus you'll need at least one person in your company to act as a Company Administrator. Your Company Administrator performs a key role and will be responsible for:

  • Confirming your settlement accounts for your company.
  • Creating and maintaining Users including the ability to limit access.
  • Managing your company details.
  • Managing your security/authorisation settings and credentials.

Your Company Administrator is nominated when you sign up for PaymentsPlus and is set up by your bank contact.

Signing in for the first time

To login for the first time you will need your PaymentsPlus welcome email. This is sent to the email address you nominated when the company was set up.

To sign into PaymentsPlus, follow the instructions in the PaymentsPlus welcome email.

You will be asked to:

  1. Confirm your email address (and optionally your mobile phone number.)
  2. Set your security questions and answers.
  3. Set your password.

Set your company preferences

Click Preferences in the Administration menu.

Preferences is where you manage your company's:

Set your company contact details

Click Business Details in the Administration menu.

Business details is where you manage your company's name, address and contact details.

Confirm your settlement accounts

Click Settlement Accounts in the Administration menu.

You must confirm your settlement accounts are correct.

Setup additional users

Click Users in the Administration menu to manage users in your company.

People who can view accounts and perform tasks such creating payments are known as Users.

  • If you want Users to be able to move money or authorise payments they need access to PaymentsPlus.
  • You can control which tasks Users have access to.

User tasks

As the Company Administrator, you will need to assign a Task for each user you create. This will determine their level of access to perform tasks when using PaymentsPlus.

More than one Task can be assigned to a User. You may also modify a user's access at any time.

The most common available Tasks are:

Upload Payment Files This user can view and upload a payment files in one of the available formats. See Processing payments.
Authorise Payment Files This user can view payment files created by other users, and authorise those payments for processing. You can set transaction amount and daily limits on these users.
View Portal Data This user can view payments, reports and audit history. This user cannot modify any data.
Administrator This user is a Company Administrator. This user can view other users, reset their passwords, disable users and create new users. This user can also change preferences, business details, remittance formats and view reports.

See the PaymentPlus user guide to manage users in your company.

Identification and verification of your users

User access requests must go through identification and verification checks before they are enabled in PaymentsPlus.

When adding users or modifying existing user access in PaymentsPlus, you must:

  1. Ask the user to complete and sign a User Establishment form.
  2. The Company Administrator must also sign this form and send it to your bank representative.
  3. Click Users in the Administration menu to manage users in your company.
  4. When creating a new user (or modifying access for an existing user), enter the Full Name (including middle names), the users Westpac/St. George Customer Number (or Customer ID) and their Date of Birth as displayed in the form.
  5. Submit the User Access Request. It will be placed into a Pending IDV status until the forms have been submitted and processed by your bank representative.
  6. Once the User Access Request is approved, you will receive an email to notify you of the outcome. If the user is getting access for the first time, they will receive an email with instructions to sign in to PaymentsPlus.

See the PaymentPlus user guide to view Pending User Access Requests and User Access Request History.

Administrator and User Forms


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